This project is one of the cooperative programs that is done by NSCAD University design students and Dalhousie University architecture students. It is called Freelab and normally takes two weeks to finish. Led by Joshua Collin, an instructor from Dalhousie, Dongfan Miao and I, with eight other Dalhousie students, start to do this kiosk project.


After five days of analyzing, sketching, discussing and modeling, we finish designing the kiosk. On the sixth day, we separate into two groups; Group A is responsible to clean the area where the kiosk will be located. The group I am in, Group B, is responsible for obtaining materials. We buy wood and we actually go far away from the city to cut little trees. It is not an easy job for a girl like me who is always sitting in front of the computer. On the other hand, I enjoy that time, even if I am almost eaten alive by mosquitoes and killed by the heat. Building a structure is a cool thing for me and I have never done it before. I didn’t imagine how gorgeous our kiosk design would be, because I think process and experience is the most important thing, but I really like how the kiosk turned out. I feel grateful about what we did.


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